1. Earth by DREAM KOALA

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  2. It’s going to be hard out there. For the love of God, resist the opportunity to run a) right home to your parents b) right back to college (that is: another degree). It’s supposed to be hard. Experience that hardship, even if only for a little bit. Learn from it. Then decide.
    A Letter To The Graduating Class Of 2014

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  3. Part of the art of making change happen is seeing which cultural tropes are past their prime and having the guts to invent new ones.
    Seth Godin on the clichés of visual communication, which succumb to the same cultural pitfalls as language clichés. (via explore-blog)

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  4. If large pharmaceutical companies were able to eliminate the seasons, they would probably do so—for a profit, of course,
    – The Cat and the Washing Machine in Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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  5. If happiness is about getting what you want, it appears that meaningfulness is about doing things that express yourself.
    Roy F Baumeister on happiness vs meaningfulness in The Meanings of Life

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  6. Julia Losfelt for SSENSE by SSENSE

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  7. The Stars (FREE DL) by CATCHING FLIES

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  8. Computer programming is about trial and error: Few programs work the first time. Usually you’ve omitted an instruction or perhaps made a typo. The process of figuring out what’s wrong and fixing it is exhilarating—it works! It’s also a powerful lesson: It proves that you learn by experimenting and making mistakes, not by trying to be perfect the first time.
    – Clive Thompson, Smarter Than You Think (via centeralign)

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